DJ Akademiks Forced to End Stream After IG Model Allegedly Pulls Gun on Him During Altercation

Following the heated argument with Whitney LeDawn during the 'Fresh and Fit' podcast, the YouTube star explains that he doesn't even really know who the woman is.

AceShowbiz - DJ Akademiks had his appearance on the "Fresh and Fit" podcast turned into chaos following a verbal altercation with an Instagram model. The popular entertainer then had to end the streaming abruptly after Whitney LeDawn allegedly pulled a gun on him.

When making an appearance in the Wednesday, December 8 episode of the podcast show, which was also broadcast on his Twitch channel, the 30-year-old social media star sat down with some Instagram models. One of the women on the panel was Whitney, a single mother, who claimed during the podcast to be a "child of God."

DJ Akademiks was thrown off by her mention of religion. He then proceeded to ask if she had her child out of wedlock. "I just wanna know if God would approve," he explained after Whitney confirmed.

However, an exchange of words between DJ Akademiks and Whitney escalated quickly, with the woman shouting at everyone before being escorted out. After being asked to leave the table, she yelled at DJ Akademiks, "You wanna talk about my sins? Let's talk about yours... Obesity." She also called out the media personality over his love for brown liquor.

Whitney continued on the show for another ten minutes, ranting at the hosts, who tried to convince her that she was being rude by constantly interjecting when she was simply invited to be a guest. DJ Akademiks went on to note that if he was offended by anything Whitney told him, he would get one of his homegirls to "beat the breaks off [her] head."

DJ Akademiks then walked offscreen and continued to berate Whitney. As she was also leaving the room, the girl seemed to reach for something inside of her purse and many on the show believed it was a gun. To end the show, everyone was instructed to "move to the left" as a safety measure to prevent any shooting.

After the fighting stopped, DJ Akademiks addressed the chaos during an Instagram Live session, pointing out that he didn't even really know who the woman was. "It could have went another way," he said, noting how things could have been disastrous. "She grabbed some s**t but my man was ready."

DJ Akademiks also praised one of the hosts, Myron Gaines, for telling everyone to move to the left. The YouTube star further explained he felt that if "she was mad she might send shots through the door." He shared, "I'm such an instigator," before adding, "I definitely told her to draw. I'm like 'pull it, cause they're about to smoke your a**.' "

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