While she doesn't blame Donald Trump for her attempted suicide, the comedian admits that the controversy over the beheaded pics of Trump 'was much more frightening than cancer to me.'

AceShowbiz - Kathy Griffin has opened up about one of her darkest moments besides her battle with lung cancer. Having been declared cancer free, the comedian revealed that she once attempted suicide following the backlash over the bloody Donald Trump photos.

The 61-year-old got candid about her mental health issue when stopping by "The View" on Thursday, December 2. Speaking with higher tones as the result of her cancer treatment, she revealed she tried to take her own life by taking pills in June 2020.

"I had fallen under the spell of pill addiction," Griffin said of her drug addiction, which led to her attempted suicide. "I was really very addicted to prescription pills. I started probably kind of abusing them maybe a few years before the Trump thing-I'm not blaming it on him."

While she didn't blame Trump for it, she admitted, "That incident was much more frightening than cancer to me." She explained, "To feel like the whole world hates you. The whole world thinks you're disgusting and irrelevant."

Griffin said she fell into addiction after years of being prescribed different pills for injuries. "Back in the day, they would give you like 90 Vicodin like it was nothing or 90 Ambien. Then over the years, I became addicted," she shared.

The Emmy winner then detailed, "Once that happened, and frankly, with quarantine, I just started doing pills all day. I got this voice in my head like, 'You shouldn't be here anymore. You've had a good run. It's time for you to go.' I had this fantasy like my husband will find somebody wonderful, who's more appropriate for him. I wrote this whole note, then I took about 100 pills."

After taking the pills, Griffin recalled she woke up and realized she needed to go the hospital. "I fell down the stars, and then, I woke up. I never blacked out [before]. I had lacerations and injuries all over myself," she said.

"I then finally called my husband because I even kicked my husband out of the houseā€¦ I was really bad," Griffin revealed. "I said, 'Can you take me to the hospital?' So I went to the hospital and I just came clean. I said, 'Look, I tried to take my life.' " She was put on a psych hold for three days after the suicide attempt.

Griffin, however, claimed that she is happier now after getting treatment for her addiction and having her cancer surgery, during which half of her left lung was removed. "For some reason, when I survived, I laugh at everything now. I walk around all day giggling because I feel like I had this near miss and so now I just laugh at everything," she told "The View" hosts. "I'm kind of happier."

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