The 'Pillowtalk' crooner is reportedly upset after 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' alum entered his and his ex's farmhouse 'without calling beforehand or even knocking at the door.'

AceShowbiz - Zayn Malik's confrontation with Yolanda Hadid seemingly was about boundaries. If a new report is to be believed, the former One Direction singer was involved in an altercation with Gigi Hadid's mother after she "barged" into his and his ex-girlfriend's farmhouse in Pennsylvania.

Sources close to the former couple told TMZ on Thursday, November 4 that the 28-year-old singer was at Gigi's home on September 29, where he was staying because he wanted to be close to his daughter. At that time, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" alum came to visit her granddaughter Khai "without calling beforehand or even knocking at the door."

Zayn, who allegedly pushed Yolanda into a dresser and called her "a f**king Dutch sl*t," was upset she "was acting like the house was hers." The "Pillowtalk" crooner, who "adamantly" denied the accusations that he physically abused Yolanda, was also mad as the reality star appeared to be "ignoring his position" as Gigi's boyfriend and a father.

However, the insider told the publication that "Yolanda regularly disrupted his life by coming over as if she owned the place" since he "works nights on his music and sleeps for part of the day." Additionally, the informant noted that conversations about his baby girl's privacy "were an ongoing source of conflict."

In other news, Bella Hadid's relationship with Zayn is reportedly strained amid the family feud. "Bella has had a huge rift with him, as does [her brother] [Anwar Hadid]," a source told Us Weekly. "They hate what he has done to their sister."

As for Gigi and Zayn, they're reportedly trying to be "civil." A source close to the Hadid family divulged, "Gigi and Zayn are broken up, but intend to co-parent Khai in a peaceful and healthy environment. They are working out custody details. They are in contact over Khai and making decisions for her." The source stressed, "It's a tense situation."

It's also reported that Gigi and her former partner "have both met with lawyers separately." The informant added, "They both want to make sure they can sort out the custody situation with Khai and both feel entitled to custody of her."

"She needs space. They have been in communication and have been working on how they will continue to co-parent, but it's very tense right now," the insider detailed. "They do both want what's best for Khai and are trying to be civil."

Currently, Yolanda, Gigi and Bella "have been staying together in NYC and have truly been supporting each other. They have a great family support system and are glad they have each other to lean on." The so-called inside source claimed that "the whole family wants Gigi to be done with Zayn for good" as "they have seen this behavior before and think it's unacceptable."

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