Sarah Hyland Forced to Abstain From Sex With Wells Adams Due to Health Issues

The 'Modern Family' actress insists it's 'really, really sexy' to wait for sex as she talks about abstaining from sex with her fiance because of her kidney dysplasia.

AceShowbiz - Sarah Hyland enjoyed waiting to sleep with Wells Adams because the anticipation made it "really, really sexy."

The actress opened up about her sex life during an interview on Ellentube's Lady Parts, alongside Cara Delevingne, Whitney Cummings, and OBGYN Dr. Sherry, during an episode based on "The Joy of Sex".

During their chat, Sarah explained that she and Wells, who are now engaged, had to wait for 12 weeks before they became intimate due to the "Modern Family" star's kidney dysplasia.

"My fiance and I, we couldn't have sex for three months before we actually did, just because medically for me, I wasn't allowed to," she explained.

When Whitney commented that it's often "hot" to wait, Sarah added, "It was this long waiting game that was really, really sexy."

Elsewhere in the episode, "The Suicide Squad" actress Cara discussed losing her virginity, explaining that she didn't do so until she was 18 years old.

"I didn't lose my virginity until I was like 18. I didn't get confident in sex until way later, but I also didn't ever ask for what I wanted for so long," she said.

Cara also said she's found it more enjoyable to stay silent when having sex, adding, "It's way more interesting if you have an orgasm and you don't… because I remember after being conditioned to think, 'This is the noise that people make.' "

"I remember stopping making any noise or trying to really maintain it and it's so hot when you just try and not make any noise and feel it way more. It's like, 'Whoa!' "

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