Megan Fox Reveals She's Suffering From Body Dysmorphia Despite Her Enviable Curves

In a new joint interview with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly, the 'Transformers' beauty admits that she has 'a lot of deep insecurities' despite her stunning physique.

AceShowbiz - Megan Fox is getting real with her insecurities. In a new joint interview with her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, the "Jennifer's Body" actress revealed that she is suffering from body dysmorphia.

"Yeah, I have body dysmorphia. I have a lot of deep insecurities," the 35-year-old beauty revealed in a cover story for British GQ Style magazine. The "Transformers" actress went on to explain, "We may look at somebody and think, 'That person's so beautiful. Their life must be so easy.' They most likely don't feel that way about themselves."

Body dysmorphia is described as a mental health disorder in which a person can't stop thinking about a perceived defect or flaw in their appearance, according to the Mayo Clinic. The disorder may cause anxiety and distress, making it difficult to function in social situations and daily life.

During the interview, Fox did not detail how body dysmorphic disorder affected her. Previously, the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" actress discussed her mental health issues, saying she nearly reached a "breaking point" after the release of "Jennifer's Body" as she found herself constantly being sexualized in films and media. "It wasn't just that movie, it was every day of my life, all the time, with every project I worked on and every producer I worked with," the actress said at the time.

Elsewhere in the interview with GQ, her boyfriend Kelly also revealed his mental health issue, post-traumatic stress. "I'm basically trying to live without dying quickly every day,' the "Bad Things" spitter divulged, adding that Fox inspired him to work on his own issues and be open about it with his fans.

"I want to be as grounded as she is, but I'm not there yet. I'm open to it, but I don't want to fool you like I'm there," Kelly added. He went on to show his "utmost respect" for his girlfriend as saying, "She's helped me realize that you can't bury your trauma. No one knows anything about me. They don't know how deep that rabbit hole goes with my childhood and with everything that my body has stored in itself."

The two also raved over their relationship. "The first time I looked into his eyes, I was like, 'I know you. I have known you so many times, in so many different forms, in so many different lives,' " Fox said, noting that she "wasn't expecting it'd be like, 'God, you are my soulmate,' instantly."

"It should be light, but also we go to hell with each other," Kelly added of their romance. "It's ecstasy and agony for sureā€¦ I don't want people to think anything's perfect with us. I didn't say it was the darkest fairy tale for no reason."

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