'RHOSLC': Mary Cosby Slams 'Insecure' Whitney Rose Amid Lisa Barlow Feud

In a new episode of 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City', Lisa can be seen finally agreeing to meet up with the IRIS+BEAU Skincare founder to talk about the future of their friendship.

AceShowbiz - Mary Cosby weighed in on Whitney Rose and Lisa Barlow's feud in a new episode of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City". In the new outing, which aired on Sunday, October 10, the controversial preacher called Whitney "insecure."

"I think Whitney feels validated through Lisa," Mary said of the IRIS+BEAU Skincare founder. "Otherwise you wouldn't care," she added.

She went on to say, "Lisa kind of has a cool-factor and I think Whitney sees that -- and her insecurity and her youth make her not know how to get to that friendship side when all she has to do is shut up.

Prior to making the comment, Mary visited Whitney at home to discuss her drama with Lisa. During the meeting, Whitney told the 48-year-old religious leader, "The honest truth is I know I don't like Lisa. She's not my vibe. But I also have this sense of needing some sort of respect or acceptance from her."

However, Mary thought that it was the other way around. "That tells me you want to be her friend," she told Whitney. "You want her in your life."

Later in the episode, Lisa finally agreed to meet up with Whitney to talk about the future of their friendship. Their relationship took an ugly turn after Lisa was accused of "sabotaging" Angie Harrington's charity event by asking the caterer to cancel.

"I think at this point, there's a lot of misinterpretations that happen," Lisa told Whitney. "If we can get to a place where you and I understand each other, I think we could actually be great."

Whitney then brought up when Lisa rudely referred to her as "this," which Lisa apologized for. "I keep finding myself being bothered by you and irritated by you. So I'm really trying to dive into what does that mean because that tells me maybe I do want to be your friend," Whitney said. "And all of your friends tell me, 'No, Lisa's amazing, Lisa's kind.' And I'm like, 'I would love to know that Lisa.' "

At the end of their meeting, Lisa promised that she would introduce Whitney to "that Lisa."

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