Jason Biggs Flustered by Son's Question About 'Apple Pie' Scene From 'American Pie'
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The 'As the World Turns' actor is dreading the conversation with eight-year-old son as the curious boy asked his father about his iconic scene in the classic sex comedy movie.

AceShowbiz - Actor Jason Biggs is nervous about having the "apple pie" conversation with his son, revealing the eight-year-old is beginning to ask questions about dad's infamous scene from his 1999 sex comedy.

Biggs's character pleasured himself with a home-cooked treat in "American Pie" and the star's kid, Sid, is beginning to wise up to the fact dad is part of something iconic - and he wants to know more.

"Sid has been aware of people coming up to me and (mentioning) American Pie," Jason told "The Drew Barrymore Show". "He's used enough context clues (to figure it out). People have specifically said, 'Oh my God, that thing you did with the pie...' "

"He's starting to ask the questions, like, 'What did you do exactly (with that pie)?' "

Biggs admitted when the day comes, he'll probably just tell his son, "I f**ked it!"

His response had Barrymore, who has had her own forgettable but iconic moments - like the time she flashed David Letterman her breasts on "The Late Show", in stitches.

"So that's how we deal with it. How about you?" Jason followed up, adding, "The very last thing I was thinking about when I had a pie in my... region, was having a kid one day."

In a previous interview, Jason Biggs also revealed he did not allow his curious son to watch the movie.

"He's asked if he can see it and we've told him, 'No, it's rated R and you know, I have sex with a pie'... No, I didn't tell him that... He knows it's rated R for bad words. That's his take. He said, 'R for bad words, not violence', which is very cute."

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