New 'American Pie' Movie in the Works With 'Insecure' Actress to Write Script
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A 'fresh take' on the 'American Pie' saga is on the way as 'Insecure' actress Sujata Day has been recruited to pen the script based on her own original pitch.

AceShowbiz - A new "American Pie" movie is being developed. Previously spawning three sequels and five spin-off movies in the "American Pie Presents" franchise, the 1999 sex comedy - which was written by Adam Herz and directed by Paul Weitz - now has "Insecure" actress Sujata Day write a new script.

The story is based on an original pitch by the "Definition Please" filmmaker and is being described as a fresh take on the saga, according to The Hollywood Reporter, though plot details have yet to be revealed.

Tara Reid, who played Vicky in the original movie, a role she reprised in sequel "American Pie 2" two years later and "American Reunion" in 2012, previously admitted she and her co-stars would love to make another movie in the series.

She said, "We've been talking about it for ages. We'd all love to do it, but we'll see what happens." The actress has previously defended the risque humour of the series, insisting the films all had "heart" and weren't unkind, unlike many modern comedies.

She said, "So many actors were scared to make it at the time. They thought it went too far. But it's ultimately a movie about awkward teens and it had so much heart in it. What I love about that movie is that there is no bullying or meanness. Lots of comedies these days are just mean."

The "Sharknado" star has also admitted she'd still love to win an Academy Award and has even practised her speeches in the mirror at home. She said, "I still want that Oscar. That's every actor's dream. You have your speech all prepared and you practise it in the mirror with the toothpaste as your microphone. I would love a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame too - there's still time for that."

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