Sarah Harding Angry With Herself for Not Discovering Breast Cancer Sooner

The late Girls Aloud member 'gave herself a hard time' amid her struggle with health issues as she regretted not getting herself checked for cancer sooner.

AceShowbiz - Sarah Harding "gave herself a hard time" for not discovering her cancer sooner.

The Girls Aloud singer died last month (Sep21), aged 39, after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, friend and TV presenter Davina McCall, who first met Sarah in 2002 during the filming of talent show "Popstars: The Rivals", which formed the chart-topping girl band, revealed Sarah was angry with herself for not finding out about the disease in time to save herself.

"She'd given herself a hard time for not going to sort it out earlier. That, for me, is always the hardest thing," said the host.

"My sister was given a terminal diagnosis in hospital and gave herself a hard time for not doing something about it."

"There's nothing like the look on someone's face when they realise that what they're being told is there's no treatment. This is palliative care from now on."

"And the idea that you'd ever blame yourself for that is too much to handle. So, we need to help people to find ways of detecting changes in their bodies, but never shaming anybody, ever, ever, ever, and least of all shaming yourself, ever. If you get sick, it's not your fault."

Sarah Harding underwent mastectomy and chemotherapy to fight cancer. She struggled to cope with the intense treatment as she said following surgery, "I just don't look like me any more. I don't recognize myself. It's very hard to wake up every morning knowing that a part of me is missing; that part of my womanhood is gone. The loss of it breaks my heart. Some women can have reconstruction, but I know I'd just end up back in intensive care because I'm too ill."

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