Jason Aldean Rants Against Gov. Gavin Newsom's Vaccine Mandate for Kids to Attend School

Slamming the California governor's decision to make COVID-19 vaccination compulsory for students, the country music star urges people in the state and people everywhere to 'start standing up and speaking out NOW.'

AceShowbiz - Jason Aldean is another celebrity who is anti-COVID vaccines. After California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a COVID-19 vaccine mandate which requires students to get the jab in order to attend school in the state, the country music star has spoken out against the governor's decision.

The CMA Award-winning artist took to his Instagram account on Sunday, September 3 to voice his objection to the vaccine mandate. "So let me get this straight! It is no longer our decisions as parents (or free Americans) to make decisions about our kids, Gavin Newsom makes those decisions for us now?? You gotta be kidding me!" he wrote along with a screenshot of a headline about the vaccine mandate.

While the mandate won't apply to his children, who live with him in Tennessee, the 44-year-old father of four urged people in California and in other states to "start standing up and speaking out." He continued in the caption, "People in California should be outraged and people everywhere else better start standing up and speaking out NOW. This is not how America and being free works."

His post was met with support from other anti-vaxxers, including conservative political commentator Candace Owens who used the chance to spread baseless theory about the vaccines. "Never mind the kids that are getting heart inflammation from the Vax, and the virtual 0% risk they have of dying from covid," so she wrote, "They will force inject your children anyway!"

Musician Brad Arnold chimed in, "Agreed! 100%! It's time for EVERYBODY to stand up!!!!!!!!!!! We're free because of brave men and women! If want to stay free, we better BE some brave men and women!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 God bless America!!!"

Jason's anti-vaccine post comes on the heels of his statement defending himself and his wife Brittany Kerr for being vocal about his political views. "I will never apologize for my beliefs or my love for my family and country," he posted on Friday along with a picture of him standing with The Star-Spangled Banner in the background. "This is the greatest country in the world and I want to keep it that way. #unapologetic 🇺🇸 #phoenixwasfire."

He was previously slammed by Alyssa Milano after his wife shared pictures of her family, including her two kids with the country star, wearing anti-Biden shirts. The "Melrose Place" alum posted a screenshot of a headline that read, "Country star Jason Aldean used to keep his politics private. Now his toddlers are on Instagram wearing anti-Biden T-shirts," and wrote in the caption, "No comment needed."

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