Nick Jonas Laments About No Longer Having 'One of the Most Recognizable Heads of Hair'

In a video he shares on his social media platform, the one-third of Jonas Brothers reveals that he lost his signature curly hair after he 'changed it a few times.'

AceShowbiz - Nick Jonas is speaking out about how his hairstyle has evolved. Taking to the video-sharing app, the one-third of Jonas Brothers lamented about no longer having "one of the most recognizable heads of hair."

On Thursday, September 30, the 29-year-old singer/actor took to his TikTok page to share a video in which he talked about his hair transition. "So I just got a phone call if you want to even call it that. Basically, when I was 13 I had arguably one of the most recognizable heads of hair in the world at the time. Okay? So that's me at that point in time," the "Camp Rock" star explained.

"And cut to now, I'm 29 and I just found out which is, can't be accurate, but I'm not even like in the top 50 most recognizable heads of hair," Nick further elaborated. He then continued, "They're like it's probably because you've changed it a few times. How is that possible?" After a long deep sigh, he simply said, "So, I don't know."

In the comments section of his post, many TikTok users immediately started begging him to bring back his original curls. "It's the curls Nicholas. This is a sign to bring them back," one person said. In the meantime, another penned, "BRING BACK 'CAMP ROCK 2' HAIR."

In 2016, however, Nick said that he wasn't sure he was ready to take the plunge back into curly hair during an interview with PEOPLE. "I like the natural look, so I don't see myself dying my hair platinum like so many guys have been doing now," the "Jumanji: The Next Level" actor said. "The buzz is easy to manage. Maybe at some point I'll grow my hair back out really curly like I used to have it. But it's such a project. It adds about 20 minutes to the day, getting ready every morning."

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