The 'Bridesmaids' actress opens up on her secret parenting tip, jokingly expressing concerns about her and husband Ben Falcone being 'screwed' now that the secret is out.

AceShowbiz - Melissa McCarthy and her husband, Ben Falcone, use reverse psychology on their children as one of their parenting weapons.

The couple shares daughters Vivian and Georgette and Melissa reveals she and Ben have adopted a policy of agreeing with their kids' wild and crazy ideas - to remove the shock factor.

She explains Georgette is an anime fan and regularly puts a streak of yellow face paint across her eyes, while she has also dyed her hair blue - and neither stunt got a reaction from mum.

Appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", Melissa says, "I think they're always waiting for me to be like, 'Wait a minute!' But instead it's like, 'Yeah, you want a neck tat (tattoo)?' "

Citing another example of her unconventional parenting techniques, she adds, "I drew art up and down their arms when they were 19 months. I've given them henna pens so they can do whatever."

And referring to the blue hair incident, the "Bridesmaids" star shares, "She (Georgette) wanted me to be like, 'This is outrageous!' I'm like, 'Great! We can shave half of it off.' "

Melissa is certain that her techniques will continue to reap rewards and eventually her two girls will get bored of trying to shock their parents.

"That's my theory," she beams. "If I just keeping being like, 'Do more...,' they'll get so bored with it. Now that I'm announcing my reverse psychology, I just screwed myself."

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