'The Voice' Premiere Recap: Singers Offer Stunning Performance on First Night of Blind Auditions

In the first episode of season 21, Wendy Hoten, who once had a successful career, attempts to make a redemption by joining NBC's long-running singing competition.

AceShowbiz - "The Voice" kicked off season 21 on Monday, September 20. The premiere saw Ariana Grande joining returning coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as a bunch of hopefuls hit the stage for the night of The Blind Auditions.

The first contestant to perform that night was a country trio and Kelly was the first one to turn for the group. The other judges followed right after. The group, whose name is Girl Named Tom, eventually chose to be on Team Kelly.

Next up was Katie Rae, who sang "When The Bones Are Good". Ariana told Katie that she would love to work with her, while Kelly said that she loved Katie's range. Katie picked Ariana to be her coach.

Later, Jonathan performed and caught John and Ariana's attention. Jonathan chose John as his coach. Marco then hit the stage but unfortunately, no one turned for him.

Katherine Anne Moehler was almost sent home right away until Ariana and Blake hit their button at the last minute. Katherine said that Ariana is one of her inspirations, so she made an unsurprising choice by going to Team Ariana.

Jack Rogan then succesfully made Kelly and John turn for him. John said that he loved Jack's tone, while Kelly loved his vibe. Jack eventually picked John. Country singer Kinsey Rose later performed and John loved her tone. However, he was blocked by Kelly so Kinsey went to Team Kelly.

Vaughn then performed and Ariana was intrigued to work with him. She was not the only who loved his voice as Kelly also hit her button. However, Vaughn chose Ariana. Wendy Hoten, who once had a successful career, attempted to make a redemption on "The Voice". Blake turned and blocked John. Kelly and Ariana followed later. As Blake begged for her to choose him, Wendy picked Blake to be her coach.

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