Wrestling Star Daffney Unger's Death Officially Ruled Suicide by Gunshot

According to the death certificate, the former WCW wrestler took her own life with a gunshot after she was seen holding a weapon during an alarming suicidal Instagram livestream.

AceShowbiz - The death of Daffney Unger has officially been ruled a suicide. According to the death certificate which was released on Monday, September 20, the former wrestling star died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

According to a police report, the ex-WCW star died from a gunshot wound at the age of 46 on September 2. In the document obtained by TMZ, she was found dead at her home in Norcross, Georgia with a gun within reach of her body.

A day prior to her tragic death, the 46-year-old athlete, who was also known as Scream Queen, shared tearful and alarming suicidal note during an Instagram Live session while holding what appeared to be a small gun. "Do you guys not understand that I'm all alone?" she asked the viewers during the livestream. "Do you not understand that?"

The former WCW champion, who battled brain injuries, could also be heard in the footage saying that she didn't want to do anything to hurt her brain as she wanted it to be examined. She further shared, "Remember, my brain goes to Boston."

Following her passing, her friend and fellow wrestler Lexie Fyfe claimed that Daffney, whose real name is Shannon Spruill, had been battling mental health issues weeks before she decided to take her own life. Lexie mentioned that police officers were called following Daffney's disturbing Instagram livestream. Lexie also said that the authorities had trouble finding her as she had just moved into a different apartment only a few days before she was found dead.

WWE star Mick Foley also admitted he had been trying to contact Daffney before her tragic death. "If anyone has a way of reaching Daffney Unger, or knows her address, please help out. She's in a bad personal place and is threatening to harm herself. My phone call went straight to voicemail," he announced in a Twitter post.

Shortly after news broke of Daffney's passing, Mick shared a tribute in a separate post that read, "I'm so very sorry to learn of Daffney's passing. A terrible loss for her family, friends and wrestling. She was far ahead if her time in our business. #RIPDaffney." He then reminded people who might suffer the same issue with Daffney to seek help as saying, "If you're hurting and thinking of doing harm to yourself, please know that help is available. 800-273-8255."

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