Jessica Chastain 'Blown Away' by Tammy Faye's Support for LGBTQ Community
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Starring opposite Andrew Garfield in 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye', the 'Dark Phoenix' actress explains that she 'felt guilty for only really knowing' about the late televangelist's mascara.

AceShowbiz - Jessica Chastain had no idea Tammy Faye was such an LGBTQ community champion - because she only knew the late U.S. televangelist for her crazy makeup.

The star is expected to score her third Academy Award nomination next year (2022) for her new film "The Eyes of Tammy Faye", in which she plays the lead character, who was married to fellow American TV preacher Jim Bakker, portrayed by Andrew Garfield.

The colorful pair was known for whipping up its adoring audiences into a frenzy, while Tammy was also famed for wearing lashings of black mascara and loads of blue eyeshadow.

Now Jessica, who is earning rave reviews for the movie, hopes cinemagoers will learn who Tammy really was - a loyal friend and supporter of those identifying as LGBTQ - and not just a TV personality with over-the-top makeup.

"You have false memories of people," she tells "Live with Kelly and Ryan".

"My memories of Tammy Faye are from... like, 'SNL' [Saturday Night Live], the caricatures and the comedy, so when I saw the documentary 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye' in 2012, I was just blown away actually by what she did and who she fought for and who she loved and who she stood up for and the bravery she had..."

Jessica was so impressed, she not only bought the rights to the material, but is starring in and producing the project too. "I felt guilty for only really knowing about her mascara," she says.

Tammy divorced Bakker in 1992, the same year he was sentenced to serve eight years behind bars for fraud. She died of cancer, aged 65, in 2007.

The film opens in the U.S. on Friday, September 17 after debuting at Canada's Toronto Film Festival last Sunday, September 12.

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