According to his manager Theresa Fortier, the Xander Harris depicter has suffered 'deep-seated medical problems and immense pain' after he was arrested in Indiana for prescription fraud.

AceShowbiz - Nicholas Brendon has withdrawn from promotional events for his new movie "Wanton Want". The "Buffy the Vampire Slayers" actor claims that he's suffering from medical issues since a recent jail stint.

According to his manager Theresa Fortier, Nicholas has suffered "deep-seated medical problems and immense pain" after he was arrested last month in Indiana for prescription fraud. Daily Mail reports that he experiences "paralysis in his genitals" and legs.

It is reported that Nicholas is currently awaiting scans on his back and groin areas. His manager also adds that the actor, who has Cauda equina syndrome, will be undergoing a major back surgery in the coming days. The condition, which happens when the nerve roots in the lumbar spine are compressed, was allegedly exacerbated by his jail stint in August.

"Right now he is concentrating on his health. He is not doing promotion for the film," Theresa explained.

Nicholas was arrested in August for allegedly obtaining prescription drugs by fraud. The actor was pulled over by police officers in Indiana after they spotted him driving his Dodge Journey erratically in Vigo County. The actor, who played Xander Harris on The WB series, was sweating profusely and he appeared nervous "due to a visibly racing pulse on his neck and shaking hands," according to cops.

He was asked to hand over identification, but he gave the cops a California ID under the name Kelton Schultz instead, explaining that was the name of his twin brother. Police found a bag that contained "crystal/powder residue" and a pill bottle in a bag with a medication prescribed to Nicholas Bender in the car.

Police then proceeded with further search and found several more plastic bags containing residue but no other contraband, and a prescription filled that same day at a Kroger grocery store. Of lying about his identity, Nicholas reasoned "they have the same prescription and they fill each other's prescription" and admitted to taking pills that were prescribed to Kelton.

Nicholas was arrested for failure to identify and obtaining a prescription by fraud, but was then released on his own recognizance.

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