Coi Leray Trolled for Claiming She's 'One of the Hottest' Right Now

While it's not clear if the raptress daughter of Benzino is speaking about her look or her music, many disagree with her confident declaration in her Twitter post.

AceShowbiz - Coi Leray has clearly gained her confidence these days. The 24-year-old hip-hop star has publicly declared that she is "one of the hottest" right now, though not a few have to refute her claim.

The "No More Parties" hitmaker posted the message of positivity on her Twitter page on Thursday, September 9. "I'm 100% sure I'm 1 of the hottest out right now," she wrote, without giving any context.

Some fans left supportive comments, writings things like "As you should. Confidence is key," "Yes you are!" and "Love the confidence bae." However, there were many who disagreed with Coi and told her that she's wrong.

"No your not," one gave a straightforward answer. Another shaded Coi, "Who is she." A third echoed the sentiment, "I'm 100% sure you aren't," while another Internet troll agreed as writing, "No sit down pls."

"If she wasn't Benzino daughter, not a soul would know or care about her," someone claimed, while another person pointed out, "She ain't even trending man." Someone claimed, "She talking about her looks cuz I know she not talking about her music."

Another told the daughter of rapper Benzino, "Stop it get some help," while someone else sarcastically responded, "Yeah for cocomelon."

It's unclear if Coi was talking about her look or her music, but she could be gaining her confidence after sharing a bunch of thirst traps on her Instagram page. Recently, she posted a selfie of her donning a blazer that was cropped out from the waist to above her boobs, leaving very little to the imagination. She only covered her modesty with some nipple pasties.

Coi has previously showed her attitude towards the haters. After she was trolled for receiving silent treatment at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami back in July, she took to Twitter to respond to it. "Just wanna say thank you for all the love I get. I'm so loved by so many people it blocks out the hate," she wrote, clapping back at the haters. Reciprocating her fans' love, she added, "You love me I love you. Forever."

In a separate tweet, Coi went on clapping back at the haters, "It's about over 100 artist who performed on that lineup and all people wanna do is eat up my cack. Lol. Gotta love this s**t fr I got good problems."

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