Dog the Bounty Hunter and Francie Frane Officially Married After Vowing to Honor Late Spouses in Vow

Duane Chapman and his fiancee reportedly tied the knot on Thursday, September 2 in Colorado, two years after his wife Beth Chapman and her husband Bob died of cancer.

AceShowbiz - Duane Chapman is officially a married man again, two years after Beth Chapman died of cancer. The "Dog the Bounty Hunter" star reportedly tied the knot with his fiancee Francie Frane on Thursday, September 2 in Colorado.

Details of the nuptials, which were first confirmed by ET, are currently unknown, but the couple spoke to the news outlet on Tuesday ahead of their big day. They revealed that they would be writing their own vows and honoring their late spouses.

"We have been doing that all along," she said. "We have done that privately, and in our vows, we will be honoring them. We honor them all of the time. And so we will continue to do that throughout their lives. Throughout our life together, we will continue to do that. They will be a part of that always."

Francie, who also lost her husband Bob to cancer six months before Beth died, also teased about her wedding dress. "It has more bling on it than I ever thought I would wear," she gushed. "It is really heavy."

Francie admitted that she and Duane don't have the same tastes in terms of wedding cake flavors and they would let it show on the wedding day. "So, he picked one part and I picked the other and we have several tiers of the cake and I don't like his part and he doesn't like mine," she explained with a laugh.

"The reception is going to be a fun party and right after the wedding, it is all in one place. And we are going to be dancing and having a blast with all of our friends and our family and everybody that wants to share all of this with us," she went on sharing. Duane then chimed in, "This is going to be the celebrity wedding of 2021, scoot over Blake Shelton."

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