Dog the Bounty Hunter Not Giving Up Yet After Ankle Injury Forces to End Search for Brian Laundrie

A rep for Duane Chapman says the 'Dog's Most Wanted' star is heading back home to Colorado to see his doctor for his injury as his daughter Lyssa declares, 'Bait is set.'

AceShowbiz - Dog the Bounty Hunter is going home empty handed after spending more than 2 weeks hunting for Brian Laundrie. The reality TV star is heading back home to Colorado after injuring his ankle, forcing him to end his failed bid to find the fiance of Gabby Petito a.k.a. Gabrielle Petito.

A rep for Dog a.k.a. Duane Chapman tells TMZ that he injured his ankle in rugged terrain during the search for Brian. The 68-year-old returns home to see his regular doctor to get treatment for his injury.

This, however, doesn't mean that Dog ends his search for Brian altogether. His rep assures that the bounty hunter is not giving up his mission just yet, though he is still raising funds to help the team he's put together to continue the search.

The team consists of a talented group of Florida locals who will continue the manhunt. While he is away in Colorado, Dog will reportedly stay connected and keep going after leads as much as he can.

Meanwhile, Dog's daughter Lyssa Chapman has taken to Twitter to confirm her dad's return to Colorado. "Dad is headed back to Colorado temporarily to handle some business," so she wrote on Monday, October 11, adding, "( Remember, he was in Florida on his honeymoon.)"

Echoing the rep's statement, she continued, "We are still actively searching for #BrianLaundrie, leaving a team in place in Florida. As always, whatever I can share with you, I will." She went on declaring in a separate tweet, "Not giving up. It's common that we (include you all) put so much heat on a fugitive they dig down, he will pop up again. Bait is set."

Dog joined the search for Brian, who is wanted on charges of debit card fraud following Gabby's death, in September. Brian is still the main person of interest in her death, but he has not been named a suspect yet.

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