Yung Bleu Issues Apology to Georgia Police Officers Following His Arrest

The rapper, who previously accused Georgia police department and Absolute Trailers owners of racially profiling him, admits that he was in the wrong and that he was 'legally arrested' for driving with a suspended license.

AceShowbiz - Yung Bleu has issued a lengthy apology Georgia police department following his recent run-in with the law. The "Moon Boy" artist took to his Instagram account to apologize to the Gainesville Police Department after he accused them of racial profiling him earlier this week.

In the Wednesday, August 25 post, Yung Bleu admitted that he was in the wrong and realized that he was "legally arrested" for driving with a suspended license. "I apologize for taking my anger out on the Gainesville police department . instead of the business who lied and manipulated the situation," so he said, referring to a trailer dealer called Absolute Trailers.

"I was embarrassed and in disbelief of what happened so I directed My energy towards the wrong people. My energy will now be directed towards Absolute trailers because there lies could have turned to a possible deadly situation for Me," he noted. "Officers were moving off what they were told by this establishment. That I was a 'Fraudulent Thief' before even knowing my name or interacting with us."

He then said that he would not let this slide and he would "use my platform to make an example and create possible change in this community for the good." Yung Blue added that he will sue Absolute Trailers for "Discrimination and profiling." He concluded, "Hopefully this promotes fair service to all black peoples in this community."

"I admit when I'm wrong! Even tho I did not agree with all the methods used of detainee me my licens was suspended and I was arrested legally. I was furious about what lead the police to me ! This all stemmed from the vicious lies told by this establisment Absolute Trailer so that's were i will be focusing my energy," Yung Bleu wrote in the caption.

Earlier this week, Yung Blue tried to buy a trailer at Absolute Trailers when the owner of Absolute Trailers called the local police. Police arrived shortly after the call, but because he thought that the cops had no reason to question him, Yung Blue left the place.

However, he was then pulled over by another police and was subsequently arrested for driving with a suspended license. After being released from jail, the rapper didn't take time to blast both Absolute Trailers and the Gainesville Police Department, accusing them of racial profiling.

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