Yung Bleu's Wife Threatens to Divorce Him After a Woman Claims He Flew Her Out

Tiemeria wants to divorce her rapper/singer husband after a woman claimed in a TikTok video that he reached out to her after seeing a viral video of her showing off her extra-long tongue.

AceShowbiz - There's clearly trouble in paradise in Yung Bleu and his wife's marriage. After a woman claimed the rapper flew her out, Tiemeria threatened to divorce him.

The said woman brought up her claim in a TikTok video, saying that Bleu reached out to her after seeing a viral video of her showing off her extra-long tongue. However, she said she ditched him after discovering he was "a weirdo."

The woman, who goes by Tenom on TikTok, said Blue brought her with him on a private jet but he never talked to her during the flight. After landing, they got into a car with five other men but he didn't introduce her to anyone in his group.

Tenom backed up her story with several receipts, including a video, allegedly of Bleu on the private jet with her. It prompted Bleu's wife, Tiemeria, to address the allegations on Instagram.

Instead of shutting down the accusation, Tiemeria said she kicked the "You're Mines Still" hitmaker out of their home. She believed that Tenom's claims were true.

"This b***h is not lying on you at all... She got so many muthaf**kin' receipts," Tiemeria declared in her video. She then noted that she would not be chasing after her spouse and would not allow him to return to their marital home.

"I hope Boosie come get your muthaf**kin' a**... He ain't got no car keys he ain't got no house keys, he can't get in this muthaf**ka," she concluded. "So, he going to be outside tonight unless one of you b***hes come get him."

In another post, Tiemeria stated that she needs "the best divorce lawyer in Georgia."

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