Alanis Morissette' Postpartum Depression Got 'Progressively Worse' After Each Pregnancy

The 'You Oughta Know' hitmaker opens up on her battle with postpartum depression, claiming it affected her marriage as she struggled to show husband what she's dealing with.

AceShowbiz - Alanis Morissette's marriage had its "train-wreck moments" during her battles with postpartum depression.

The "Ironic" hitmaker - who has Ever, 10, Onyx, five, and Winter, two, with her husband Mario "Souleye" Treadaway - admitted she is thankful to be "the other side" of the mental health struggles she experienced after the birth of all three of her kids as she opened up on the toll it took on her relationship.

She told America's "Today" show, "I had postpartum depression after each pregnancy, and with each kid it got progressively worse.

"I'm happy to say that I'm finally on the other side of it - but it just happened in the last three months."

The biggest issue was being unable to explain how she was feeling, explaining, "We've had our train-wreck moments because there's no real way to show him what's going on inside of my body no matter how many times I've attempted to articulate it."

"Unless you've experienced it, it's very hard to put into words and have people grok it."

At the height of her depression, the singer felt like she was "underwater and covered in tar." And despite feeling "shame" about going on medication, Alanis insisted she doesn't regret taking pills because they have kept her "alive."

She said, "I had a lot of shame around being medicated. But it kept me alive and I have zero regrets. If it's needed, just do it."

Alanis now feels like her old self again after struggling for "so long," confessing, "I feel like I have myself back. I didn't have access to her for so long."

"When I was in the thick of it, some people would say, 'Oh, she just needs to go for a walk.' Or, 'She just needs some sleep!' "

"But news flash: It's so multilayered. It's biochemical, it's neurochemical, it's circumstantial, it's environmental. It's not just one thing, it's not a quick fix."

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