Yella Beezy Insists He Was Arrested Over 'Hand Sanitizer,' Not 'Drugs'

Setting the record straight on his arrest, the 'Keep It On Me' spitter turns to his social media platform to show the hand sanitizer bottle that looks like 'a drank bottle.'

AceShowbiz - Rapper Yella Beezy has broken his silence on his latest arrest. Setting the record straight, the "Keep It On Me" hitmaker took to his social media account to explain that he was arrested over "hand sanitizer" not "drugs."

"I went to jail and got arrested for hand sanitizer, drugs, bruh," the 29-year-old rapper began telling his fans and followers in a video he shared on Saturday, August 14 on his Instagram account. Showing a bottle of hand sanitizer to the camera, he went on, "Let me tell you how desperate they are to make an arrest. The homie got a brand of hand sanitizer that look like drank. It says hand sanitizer on it. You know how girls got eye lashes in the pill jar? She got hand sanitizer in a drank bottle."

Yella, born Markies Deandre Conway, continued pointing out, "It says hand sanitizer on here." The "Restroom Occupied" spitter added, "Police wasn't trying to hear it. They thought I was trying to cover up everything."

In the caption of his post, Yella wrote, "Wen they run test on the Hand Sanitizer the charges gone be dropped. Lied again and said the dogs 'alerted' on my car -- everybody know i don't smoke!" He further stressed, "On straight bs…. i told the man smell it or put it on your hand and they wouldn't , couldn't do nothing about the guns Cuzz everything legit but when guns and 'drugs' together that's a case."

"Even tho it's hand sanitizer they still charged me until they find out lol," Yella stated. "All they had to do was smell it or put some on took money , jewelry and phones for what ???? Crazy !"

Yella was arrested on Wednesday, August 11 on charges of possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a weapon, after Dallas police officers pulled over and searched an SUV he was riding in. According to the official police report, the musician had over 400 grams of a controlled substance as well as four handguns and a rifle.

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