Will Young Accuses BRIT Awards of Creating 'Toxic Atmosphere' by Trying to Exploit His Sexuality

The 'Leave Right Now' singer accuses organizers for the top British music awards of trying to exploit his sexuality by asking him to kiss George Michael on stage.

AceShowbiz - Pop star Will Young claims Brit Awards bosses once asked him to kiss George Michael on stage.

The "Leave Right Now" singer has won two BRIT Awards and been nominated for seven others, but was never asked to perform during the show - with one awkward exception. Now he's slamming bosses behind the show for creating a "vile, toxic atmosphere."

"It was suggested, you know, 'Could you do a performance with George Michael where we get you to kiss like Britney (Spears) and Madonna?" Will tells The Independent, referring to the onstage smooch famously shared by Spears and Madonna at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

Young, who is openly gay, passed on the opportunity because it felt "very weird" to be asked to exploit his sexuality.

"I was like, 'Is that the only way I'm going to get a performance?' It was very weird, and I felt very snubbed by the Brits," he continues.

"And I feel very validated in thinking that. I sold a f**k load of records and I always worked very hard to put out good music and a brilliant album."

He went on to slam the award show's "vile" and "toxic" atmosphere, insisting he never felt accepted by officials running the awards show because he found fame thanks to his appearance on TV reality show Pop Idol.

"I just find it the most vile, toxic atmosphere," he rages. "It's like going into a school playground with people just swinging d**cks. It makes me feel sick. It doesn't feel accepting. It's all about being cool, you know, putting people down. I always felt like an outsider because I came from a talent show."

Will did, however, enjoy this year's ceremony, praising Sir Elton John's duet with Olly Alexander as a "brilliant moment" for LGBTQ representation.

"Normally I hate the BRITS. But I think I liked it this year because there was no audience... It was a different vibe. Well, maybe I'm in a better place now, I don't know."

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