St. Vincent Can't Wait to Return to Stage: It's Like Going to Church

The 'Daddy's Home' singer is looking forward to performing live on stage again in an effort to support her new studio installment following yearlong Covid-19 lockdown.

AceShowbiz - St. Vincent has likened going to see a live gig to going to church.

The U.S. singer will be hitting the road in Europe next year (22) in support of her sixth album "Daddy's Home", and can't wait for the world of live music to get back to normal following the disruptive Covid-19 pandemic.

"Honestly, the reason people go to see live shows is the same reason why people go to church," she told NME. "It's to be taken some place else for an hour and a half."

"In not being on the road for a long time, I've definitely realised that there is absolutely no substitute for the communion, the mystery, the high stakes, the feeling that anything could happen and that connection. You can't beat it."

And as for what she's planning for her upcoming shows, which kick off in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 14 June (21), St. Vincent, real name Annie Clark, promised that she'll be delivering something entirely unique and impactful.

"The band are so killer and at the end of a day it's a show. In the past with what I've been it's been like you might love it or might hate it but you won't forget it," she said. "In this go-round, I want people to be like, 'What the hell just happened to me?' If people walk away going, 'Oh, that was a nice show' - then I've failed."

"We've been cooped up for nearly two years and we need an exorcism. I need to truly leave it all on the stage. Emotionally, we're not even sure how much we have inside of us. It's been a while!"

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