Iggy Azalea Reacts to Blackfishing Accusations With 'I Am the Stripclub' Music Video

Amid the backlash over the music video, one of her fans urges her to clarify the accusations, though the 'Fancy' raptress seems to be unfazed by the criticism.

AceShowbiz - Iggy Azalea has long been accused of cultural appropriation. After releasing a music video for her new track "I Am the Stripclub", the Australian-born rapper continues to catch heat as many said that she was "blackfishing" by tanning her skin to look darker.

Amid the backlash, one of her fans urged her to clarify. "people are saying that you are black fishing and making up this fake narratives, can you clear them up please because people are taking it too far and running with that lie," the person said.

Iggy apparently caught wind of the tweet. "I don't care...," Iggy responded, seemingly unfazed by the criticism. "f**k those ppl babe lol."

She went on to say in a separate tweet, "I know by now if I drop a video or song someone online will try and make it have a hidden meaning or find a way to make there be an issue. That's just how the internet is! I'm 10 years deep in it, you cannot shake me."

Her responses, however, further enraged people. "white woman saying 'those people' isn't sitting right with me. Who exactly are 'those people' Amethyst," one person said. A fan quickly jumped to Iggy's defense, writing, "Girl hush, Iggy is every bit of white. She never tries to be anything but herself... it's never been anything forced about her swag or personality. Pls stop. Those people meant the people claiming she's Black fishing etc."

Replying to the fan, Iggy added, "Exactly, the internet stay trying to read into sh*t that's really not that deep." She went on to say, "Those people is anyone that has a problem with the fact that I wore a black wig and performed in a dimly lit room but have nothing to say about the same makeup in other scenes... not hard to understand [shrug emoji]."

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