Ed Sheeran Had to Be Talked Out of Relocating to Ghana by Manager

In a joint interview with Stuart Camp on James and Oliver Phelps' podcast 'Normal Not Normal', the 'Perfect' hitmaker admits that his outlandish suggestions mostly relate to moving places.

AceShowbiz - British pop star Ed Sheeran relies on his manager to talk him out of "ridiculous" ideas, such as buying a private island and relocating to Ghana for three years.

The "Bad Habits" hitmaker admits advice from his representative Stuart Camp has been invaluable over the years, especially when it comes to his more outlandish suggestions.

"Musical stuff I never get talked down from," the singer explained in a joint interview with Camp on James and Oliver Phelps' podcast "Normal Not Normal".

"Stu, what's the most ridiculous thing you've talked me down from recently?" Ed asked, prompting his manager to quip, "There's too many!"

"Usually moving places," the artist confessed, as Camp recalled his star client saying, '"I'm gonna buy an island here'. Or, 'I've had enough, me and [wife] Cherry are emigrating to Ghana for three years.' Stuff like that."

However, Camp insists he rarely has to take drastic action to put a stop to Ed's plans, because he usually comes to his senses.

"You'll get the odd thing like that and I go, 'Yes dear,' " Camp shared. "You sort of let the idea percolate and it'll kill itself eventually."

Remembering one of his many zany proposals, the "Castle on the Hill" singer, who now has a baby girl with Cherry, said, "I sent Stuart this uninhabited island in Ireland that you're not even allowed to build a house on and I was like, 'I think this is a good idea! I think I'm going to buy this and move here!' "

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