Jenelle Evans Dubs Deavan Clegg 'Ungrateful' for Planning to Sue Her Over Their Podcast Drama

When responding to the '90 Day Fiance' alum's lawsuit plans, the former 'Teen Mom 2' star claims that she 'stopped communicating' with the former after 'her stunts and lies' regarding their podcast 'Girl S#!t'.

AceShowbiz - Jenelle Evans has responded to Deavan Clegg's lawsuit plans. Upon learning that the "90 Day Fiance" alum was readying herself to sue her over their podcast "Girl S#!t" drama, the former "Teen Mom 2" star dubbed her now-ex-colleague "ungrateful."

The 29-year-old TV personality offered her two cents when speaking to In Touch Weekly. "She is ungrateful and it's all very unfortunate. She ruined a good opportunity for many women, not just me. Everyone is suffering the consequences of a very selfish person," she said.

Jenelle, who insisted that she was the producer of their podcast, denied that she has "threatened, made allegations, spread rumors, defamed, slandered or cyberstalked" Deavan. She added, "After her stunts and lies regarding the podcast situation, I stopped communicating with her."

"It wasn't until my fans started sending me the weird postings she did about me. She went LIVE multiple times to speak about me, my husband and kids. Did she not expect me to defend myself or respond?" she stressed. "She needs to heal from whatever is causing her to forget her actions and what she is accountable for... Other women from the podcast have verified that Deavan was searching for ways to undermine my position and my removal from the project."

"She crossed the line when she pulled up old articles and court cases involving my husband and kids," she further argued. "She went after me and my family when I gave her an opportunity to help her career, I actually considered her a friend, that's why I invited her during casting for the show. Instead, she wanted to take over the show, get me fired from the project I pitched to her on the very first day."

Jenelle's statements came just one day after Deavan announced her plans to file a lawsuit against the former. Deavan's representative Lindsay Feldman of BrandBomb Marketing said in a statement, "I can confirm Deavan has an appointment scheduled with her lawyer to discuss moving forward with a defamation and cyberstalking lawsuit against Jenelle."

"[She's also] filing additional lawsuits against former podcast costar, Gabbie Egan and the owner of the 'Girl S#!t' podcast, who she says violated their NDA [Non-Disclosure Agreement]," the representative continued. "Deavan feels attacked and plans to hold everyone legally accountable."

Deavan decided to take legal action against Jenelle after the former MTV star shared a 44-minute video of herself explaining the fallout of their podcast. In the clip, Jenelle accused Deavan of taking her supply of Xanax, which was denied by Deavan.

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