'SNL' Alum Chris Kattan Ejected From Flight for Refusing to Wear Mask

The comedian allegedly pleads that he won't need to be ejected from the plane, though he eventually complies when flight attendants threaten to call the cops if he refuses to leave.

AceShowbiz - Former "Saturday Night Live" star was booted from an airplane following a mask dispute. The comedian was force to leave an American Airlines flight after he refused to properly wear a mask despite showing symptomps this week.

According to eyewitnesses, Kattan was seen stumbling and seemed ill with mucus hanging from his nose as he boarded the Dallas/Fort Worth to LAX flight Monday, June 28. TMZ reported that noticing that, some other passengers in first class alerted flight attendants.

The staff then told Kattan to put on a mask properly. It was said that he then wore one, though he didn't cover his nose. He also ignored repeated requests to pull his mask up, prompting the staff to kick him off the flight.

The star allegedly pleaded that he wouldn't need to be ejected. However, when flight attendants threatened to call the cops if didn't leave, Kattan eventually complied and left.

After the story hit the web, Kattan's lawyet Samuel Joshua Smith revealed in a statement that his client had a "severe allergic reaction to supplements he has been taking to treat lingering neck pain." Smith insisted in the statement to TMZ, "We strongly deny that Mr. Kattan would ever refuse to wear a mask. Mr. Kattan is fully vaccinated and unequivocally supports CDC guidelines."

"This past Monday Mr. Kattan was returning to Los Angeles from a successful tour of comedy shows. Unfortunately, Mr. Kattan suffered a strong allergic reaction to supplements he has been taking to treat lingering neck pain from his injury on SNL. This reaction affected his balance and psychological state," he continued. "The effects also caused him to have trouble breathing."

The lawyer concluded, "Mr. Kattan sends a warning out to all his fans suffering through back and neck injury... apparently, not all supplements are created equally!"

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