Kevin Federline Supports Britney Spears, May Request Evaluation Over Her Conservatorship

In an interview, K-Fed's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan reveals that the rapper may request evaluation regarding her being prescibed to lithium, which 'regarded as a very powerful psychotropic medication.'

AceShowbiz - Kevin Federline is among those who wishes Britney Spears well. The ex-husband of the "Sometimes" hitmaker says through his attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan that he is supporting ending the conservatorship if it is what's best for the pop star.

"The best thing would be for their mom to be healthy and happy. And if either of those things aren't true, it doesn't provide for the best setting for custody to be exercised," Mark adds to PEOPLE, referring to his client's sons with Britney, Sean Preston (15) and Jayden James (14). "[Kevin] certainly respects Britney and only hopes the best for her because when the best for her is achieved, it's the best for their kids. The kids love their mother and he wants there to be a healthy and strong relationship."

Weighing in on the "Toxic" hitmaker's revelatory testimony about being under her father's control, the lawyer said, "Britney has not been served well by the conservatorship and it's not consistent with what she wants." He continued, "I think that she should be able to challenge that. And if it's what's best for her, Kevin supports it."

He also believed she needs to be heard. "If she's strong and healthy and wants to be in control of her own life, and can do that in a reasonable, responsible fashion, then more power to her," he insisted.

"If it was necessary, we have to be concerned about whether she's okay," Kaplan added, referring to Britney's claims that she was put on lithium. "And if it's no longer necessary, that's great too. Just want to make sure that all of the considerations, how she's doing are taken into account if she seeks to change the custody order in the post-conservatorship era, if that ever comes."

In a separate interview with Page Six, Mark revealed that Kevin might request evaluation regarding her being prescibed to lithium, which "regarded as a very powerful psychotropic medication." He explained, "So, if the conservatorship were to end and even more so to be terminated without an exit evaluation, I'm sure that Kevin would at least want to know what the conditions were that gave rise to her being prescribed that, and Kevin would probably have to engender some dialogue along those lines at some point in time if that were to occur."

Despite that, Mark revealed that Kevin wanted the best for his former wife. "It was distressing to see her be in distress. Kevin really has no inside information about what goes on inside of the conservatorship, but obviously if Britney is in a healthy and good and strong place, that's great. He wants her to be happy and healthy," Mark said.

Britney testified at a conservatorship hearing in Los Angeles earlier this month. The pop star told a judge that she wanted to terminate the longstanding legal arrangement. Comparing her life under the arrangement to a "sex trafficking" victim, she told the judge, "In California, the only similar thing to this is called sex trafficking, making anyone work against their will, taking all their possessions away credit card, cash, phone, passport."

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