Ice Spice Calls Nicki Minaj 'Ungrateful' and 'Delusional' in Leaked Text Messages

In the alleged text messages to her friend, the 'In Ha Mood' raptress vents her frustration during a 'hard' negotiation process with the 'Super Bass' raptress for their 'Barbie' collaboration.

AceShowbiz - Ice Spice may be quietly having a bad blood with Nicki Minaj. The Bronx femcee's former friend Baby Storme continues to kiss and tell about the "Munch (Feelin' U)" hitmaker, revealing her alleged animosity toward her "Barbie World" collaborator.

Baby has shared screenshots of her alleged text messages with Ice in which the latter appeared to vent her frustration during a "hard" negotiation process with the Trinidadian-born raptress for the "Barbie" soundtrack. In the text messages, Ice called Nicki "ungrateful" and "delusional" for asking her "for too much."

Ice called out Nicki for allegedly thinking she's doing her a favor with their "Barbie" collaboration, while it's the other way around. The 24-year-old claimed she was asked to do the soundtrack alone but she asked Nicki to do it with her because it's Nicki's "brand."

"It's hard to negotiate with her bc she doesn't let ppl talk like lawyers," Ice allegedly wrote to her then-friend. She also claimed that the "Barbie" soundtrack was "an opportunity I brought her ... bc barbie asked me to do it alone but since that's her brand I invited her on & she doesn't even see that as me bringing her something."

Ice went on comparing Nicki to her estranged mother, saying, "she's kinda like my mom. Ungrateful and delusional." As to what Nicki demanded from her for their collab, Ice detailed, "she wants publishing from all my songs including 3rd party writing competitions. So anything I write for other ppl or any songs I get on."

She pointed out that at the time, she already had a collaboration with Taylor Swift, which would boost her career. "Mind u I had a taylor swift collab before I had the nicki one..," she stressed. "I'm already signed so why would I work backwards."

In the conversation, Ice also expressed that she was thinking about having a break because "she gaslights me too much I gotta love her from a distance for my mental health." She also said her team was speaking to Nicki's old manager who thought that Nicki was unfair for asking her for too much. "I think she's jealous that I own all my masters," she claimed.

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