The Phoebe Buffay depicter reveals her former TV co-stars 'came running' to support her when she was mourning the loss of her beloved mother during pandemic last year.

AceShowbiz - Lisa Kudrow will forever be grateful for her friendships with Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox after they "came running" to support her following the death of her mother last year (20).

The actress' mum died "right at the very beginning" of the COVID-19 pandemic, and her Friends dropped everything to be there for her, including making time to attend the funeral.

Speaking on America's "The Howard Stern Show, Lisa said, "These women came running to support, that was really nice. They came to the funeral, it wasn't a lot of notice, and they were there."

"We were able to have a funeral. Everyone thought I was a freak... I made the Rabbi announce, 'Please don't hug or touch anybody,' because we had been in an emergency room and there was no COVID protocol there. And everyone thought I was, like, a cold, ice horror of a person."

Lisa previously spoke about her mother's funeral in May, 2020, admitting she found it tough enforcing social distancing rules at the memorial because people were not yet taking the global health crisis seriously.

She said at the time, "(It was the) hardest decision because we weren't there yet and we had only just heard the words 'social distancing.' I'm a freak and all I could think that whole day was, 'There has to be coronavirus here.' "

"Some people (understood), but most people were just looking at me like I was a monster when I'd take two steps back, put up my hands and say, 'Hi, thanks for coming.' "

Ultimately, Lisa was thankful her mother was able to have a funeral at the height of the pandemic.

She added, "At least we got a funeral. And everyone was hugging but me. I just couldn't bear it if I got someone sick. From that moment on, I just acted like I've got it, so what do I need to do?"

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