Naya Rivera's Dad Calls Daughter Nickayla's Decision to Move In With Ryan Dorsey 'the Right Thing'

Addressing the speculation surrounding Nickayla Rivera and the late 'Glee' star's ex-husband, George Rivera says that he 'wasn't bothered' by the rumors because he 'knew' they are 'doing the best thing for Josey.'

AceShowbiz - Naya Rivera's father, George Rivera, has shared his thoughts about swirling rumors surrounding Nickayla Rivera's decision to move in with the late "Glee" star's ex-husband Ryan Dorsey. In a new interview, the proud dad said that his younger daughter did "the right thing."

Sitting down with ET's Kevin Frazier, the late "Devious Maids" star's dad gave his response to his 27-year-old daughter's decision, "I don't know if you've got the inner strength to either be in the business or do something right." He then pointed out, "So that didn't bother me at all because we knew we were doing the right thing, and that's what we did."

"I'm used to paparazzi, not me myself, but I'm used to hearing about the paparazzi," George said elsewhere in the interview. Elaborating further, he said, "I'm used to hearing about people's opinions and if you're going to sit and let any people's opinions guide any kind of decisions for you."

At one point, George also gushed over Nickayla for stepping up and helping raise her sister's son Josey, "Nickayla is an amazing individual, she has got a lot of love for her sister, very close." He continued, "Again, we talk about pride as a father, really, it's not about modeling, it's not about acting ... it's about what type of person you are."

"That's what it shows me, what type of person she is -- very strong and resilient, right, that's what you have to be. You have to understand, we have to overcome some things, do the best you can with what you have," George continued praising his younger daughter. He also offered his thoughts about Ryan as a father, "You learn a lot about people and you learn a lot about relationships when you go through something like this and I couldn't thank Ryan enough for the father he has become."

"I have always had respect for Ryan. I have always thought that he was a stand-up guy," George admitted. He went on to add, "And my opinion is ... I'm just more proud of him now than I ever would have been through this period."

In September 2020, Nickayla alluded on her Instagram Story feeds that she was not concerned with "the way things look because no one can see each agonizing moment we all endure." The model penned, "What matters most I've learned, is to show compassion, not to judge others, & never take a moment of life for granted. I hope you all do the same." She stressed in her note, "In the darkest times of my life, the only thing that is important is my friends and family. Showing up for my nephew, even though I can't show up for myself."

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