Rachel Lindsay vs. Colton Underwood vs. Raven Gates

As the contestants on the ABC dating competition show try to win the leading lady or man's hearts, the rivalry among them in most cases turns ugly that it causes rift between them.

AceShowbiz - Rachel Lindsay and Raven Gates' feud got more complicated after Colton Underwood decided to chime in. The ladies, who were friends in Nick Viall's season of "The Bachelor", had a fallout after the season aired though they refused to share what actually happened. "I can't say. I promised I wouldn't say. But it was enough for me to not want to be friends with her anymore," Rachel said on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" in October 2019.

Colton, who didn't have the best relationship with Rachel because of her remarks about him and his then-girlfriend Cassie Randolph, commented, "Shocker. Rachel mad at another person… does she like anyone?" Rachel then challenged Colton to talk things out on her podcast, to which Colton responded, "I'll come on your podcast Rachel. One condition: ask your producer to leave it raw, unedited and untouched. Looking forward to meeting you & pointing out your hypocrisy over the last year."

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