Yosef vs. Everyone in Clare Crawley's season
ABC/Craig Sjodin

As the contestants on the ABC dating competition show try to win the leading lady or man's hearts, the rivalry among them in most cases turns ugly that it causes rift between them.

AceShowbiz - Yosef Aborady was among the suitors in Clare Crawley's season of "The Bachelorette" in 2020. In one episode, Yosef apparently felt offended following a "strip dodgeball" date as he called Clare "classless" and the date, which he wasn't part of, "humiliating, degrading, silly, and very immature." He also claimed that he "expected more from the oldest Bachelorette" and would never want his daughter having a mother like her.

The offensive remarks unsurprisingly enraged Clare and the other men, who defended her. Clare even yelled and cried in the episode. Despite that, Yosep didn't plan to backtrack his claims as he doubled down on it during the "Men Tell All" special, prompting other contestants to call him a clown.

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