Taylor Nolan vs. Arie Luyendyk Jr.

As the contestants on the ABC dating competition show try to win the leading lady or man's hearts, the rivalry among them in most cases turns ugly that it causes rift between them.

AceShowbiz - Taylor Nolan and Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s feud took place outside the show. The season 21 "The Bachelor" alum slammed the season 22 Bachelor for sharing Instagram polls about the 2020 presidential election in November 2020. Clapping back at Taylor, Arie shaded the sex therapist over her Instagram ad "for a pleasure sleeve for penises."

"Love how you came after me for posting an election poll but you're advertising masturbation pads or whatever he [SIC] hell this is … classy," Arie wrote to Taylor. Feeling offended, Taylor accused Arie of bullying, sex-shaming and belittling her as she insisted, "This is part of what I do for my job, I do partnerships on Instagram. I also work as a sex therapist. I'm a licensed psychotherapist and I'm in school getting my PhD in clinical sexology. So, this is the post that he feels is something that he can put me down with. That it's laughable."

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