'Joker 2' Is in the Works, But Fans Don't Need It
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The sequel to the 2019 dark psychological thriller is reportedly being written by the original movie director Todd Phillips, but some fans question if a sequel is 'necessary.'

AceShowbiz - Making a follow-up to a box office hit is not a new strategy in the business and is often considered a no-brainer, but not all seem to agree about a "Joker" sequel. While a new report said that Todd Phillips has been tapped to write "Joker 2", some DC fans are not thrilled about it.

These people responded to the news update that was apparently spilled by the director's lawyer Warren Dern in a lengthy The Hollywood Reporter industry report. According to the publication, "Todd Phillips struck a deal to co-write the next 'Joker' installment."

After other news outlets picked up the story, fans quickly weighed in on it, with one saying on Twitter, "All I'll add to the Joker 2 discourse is that it's a hard pass from me. y'all enjoy it, but I'm out. and no amount of praise will sway me." Calling it "exhausting," the fan added, "I already fell for that trip once! but, please understand, I’m so happy for everyone who wanted this! it's just…exhausting. "

While enjoying the first movie, another thinks a sequel is unnecessary. "I loved Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal of the Joker and I don't think a part 2 is necessary," the second commenter argued.

Instead of complaining about it, some others, in the meantime, threw some ideas for the sequel. "I hope Joker 2 connects to Pattinson's Batman in some way," one of them said, referring to Matt Reeves "The Batman". Another added, "I hope Joker 2 is another origin story for a new, different joker. just a universe where everyone becomes the joker independently and start stepping on each other's toes."

The 2019 movie, "Joker", starred Joaquin Phoenix as out-of-luck aspiring stand-up comedian Arthur Fleck that suffers from a neurological disorder, which greatly affects his behavior in society. Feeling ostracized by society, he turns to violence and becomes the maniacal criminal. The movie was a critical hit, though it was also met with controversy due to its storyline, which seems to justify violence.

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