T.I. and Tiny's Accuser Sabrina Peterson Suggests She's Willing to Drop Lawsuit If They Apologize

In an Instagram Live, the woman, who claims the Atlanta rapper put a gun on her head in front of her children, seems to say she's not going to move forward with her lawsuit if the couple acknowledges their mistake within 7 days.

AceShowbiz - T.I. and Tiny Harris a.k.a. Tameka Cottle could have one less problem if they meet Sabrina Peterson's wish. The woman, whose confession prompted other women to come forward with more damning allegations against the couple, has suggested that she's willing to drop her lawsuit against T.I. and Tiny if they apologize to her.

"Tell the truth about me," Sabrina said during an Instagram Live on Wednesday, May 26. Seemingly saying that she doesn't seek for financial compensation, she further demanded, "Tell the truth about what you did to me and apologize. I'm gone. I don't want one dime. I don't want one dime."

The former friend of Tiny, however, wanted the apology to be issued within 7 days. "And here's the other stipulation, do it within seven days," she stated. "Do this, what I'm saying right now, within seven days. Within seven days, tell the truth and apologize, and I'm gone. Sabrina, she done with."

"I don't want one dime from you or xyz," Sabrina repeated her statement, before warning the couple, "but if I gotta keep drawing this s**t out and keeps stepping away from my motherf**king brand, I gotta keep stepping away from my weed and my weed jars. I gotta keep stepping away from my motherf**king packaging."

The entrepreneur continued, "I gotta keep stepping away from my damn fundraising I'm supposed to be doing, my 12 million-dollar fundraise. If I gotta keep steeping away from my goddamn desk to answer these motherf**king calls, then it is what it is. Seven days. Seven days, apologize and tell the f**king truth."

Sabrina then turned to her Instagram Story to open up about the pain she has endured after coming up with her claims. "Imagine the new trauma & heartbreak I have endured in this season when as a documented public speaker, you speak about something that BROKE YOU TO THE CORE over a decade ago & knowing it was ok to speak on because you felt nothing to happen to that person criminal wise or monetary wise," she wrote.

She added in another post, "Imagine still having to keep a smile in front of your child while wondering if you will lose everything because you TOLD YOUR TRUTH! Just imagine."

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