Beyonce's Mom Tina Knowles Shares NSFW Take on COVID-19 Vaccine Safety

In urging Americans to get inoculated, the fashion designer posts a statement that reminds the fact that Pfizer, which discovered the COVID vaccine, also made Viagra.

AceShowbiz - Tina Knowles is doing her part in a social media campaign to urge Americans to get COVID-19 vaccine. Taking to her Instagram page, the mother of R&B diva Beyonce Knowles has shared her hilarious and NSFW take on the safety and efficiency of the vaccine.

On Sunday, May 16, the businesswoman posted a statement that reminds others of the fact that Pfizer, which discovered the COVID vaccine that is widely used in the U.S., is also known for making Viagra. FYI, Viagra is a globally popular medication used to treat erectile dysfunction.

"Have faith in the Pfizer vaccine. Don't forget they make Viagra," read the cheeky message printed on a white paper. It added, "If they can raise the dead ... They can save the living." Tina wrote in the caption, "Ain't that the truth Ruth!!" and gave a shout-out to @maggylathan who likely originally posted the picture.

Many found Tina's post funny, with one commenting, "OMG" while adding a shocked face and several laughing emojis. Another jokingly told the fashion designer, "Ms. Tina...put the phone down, please." A third one reacted, "Lol, I'll just check out everybody else's reactions since it typically takes about 5 years to create a vaccine for antivirus... But yes ma'am."

Some others, however, are still not convinced to take the vaccine. "Still not buying it momma T," one person insisted. Another pointed out, "And the Viagra don't help every man either she left that out." Someone else claimed, "And they both stops the heart."

Prior to urging Americans to get inoculated, Tina teamed up with her daughter Beyonce to help fund COVID testing facilities in Houston. They provided 1,000 testing kits and protective gear such as face masks and gloves to participants in May 2020.

Through the star's BeyGOOD organization, they also initiated the #IDidMyPart campaign, which encourages black communities to prioritize their health amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. "We are all in this together. But we have to look at what is happening in our Black and Brown communities and how they are being decimated by COVID-19," Tina said in a statement at the time.

She added, "It is critical that we stay vigilant with social distancing, wearing a mask, and most of all getting tested. If you don't get tested then you don't know if you are a carrier of the virus. Being asymptomatic is how you infect your entire household and those around you, the very people you love. We have got to go to these free testing facilities and find out our status."

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