Ally Brooke 'Ashamed' After Male Exec Mocked Her Over Cry for Help

The former Fifth Harmony member opens up about her horrible experience while in the girl group, recalling one incident where a male executive made fun of her over cry for help.

AceShowbiz - Ally Brooke was left feeling "embarrassed and ashamed" when a male executive she approached for help dealing with the "trauma" of being in Fifth Harmony responded with an inappropriate joke.

The singer plans to be open with fans about what went on behind closed doors during her time in the U.S. girl group on her new podcast "The Ally Brooke Show".

In a chat with TV show "Extra", Ally recalled one particular incident with a male exec on her record label, as she said, "It was really terrible… There was a lot happening with the group and I went to this executive for help… This person said, 'Oh yes, I can help you,' and I felt so much comfort."

"When you are under so much distress and despair and you have to hold it all in. This man, he approached me with a thong. That was the first thing that he gave me. When you go to someone for help and all they meet you with is inappropriateness, it's horrible - I felt embarrassed, ashamed. I felt helpless."

While Ally didn't name the man in question, she hinted that he may be identified in the future as part of the ongoing #MeToo movement.

"At that time, this person had a reputation, but it was accepted, so obviously I was really scared to say anything," she explained. "Now, I am so happy and I say this on my show, we have this movement where we can speak up and justice in some ways is getting served."

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