Chris Martin Gives Virtual Music Lesson to Teenage Students

The Coldplay lead vocalist offered music tips to a group of teenage students to help them with remote learning while schools were closed during the global health crisis.

AceShowbiz - Chris Martin gave a group of Australian teenagers a virtual music lesson and brought one of them to tears.

The Coldplay frontman had a 30-minute meeting with students from Beechworth Secondary College in Victoria, Australia, as part of a Webex (virtual learning) programme to assist students around the world amid the coronavirus pandemic and was particularly impressed by 17-year-old Asha Bright, who got to play one of her own songs for the "Adventure of a Lifetime" hitmaker.

Chris - who also spoke to students at three others schools, in America, Canada and the U.K. - asked the group if any of them wrote their own songs, and Asha said she did, and so the 44-year-old singer asked him to play the track, "Not 4 U", for him.

Speaking to ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast DJ Sandra Moon, she said, "I kept it together for the rest of the meeting but afterwards I had a bit of a cry."

"He asked me to play it on guitar but I didn't have a guitar with me so I told him to go on the streaming space."

The "Yellow" singer praised the teenager for her efforts.

He said afterwards, "That's wonderful, well done. You don't get anywhere unless you put yourself out there."

Asha is a huge Coldplay fan so was delighted with the meeting.

She said, "Their song 'Sparks' got number one on my Spotify 2020 recap. (Meeting Chris) was pretty exciting."

The moment where Chris played Asha's song on his phone is included in a video of highlights from his sessions with the students - that took place in March (21) but have only just been revealed - which Webex have shared on YouTube.

Beechworth Principal Patricia Broom explained the school were offered the virtual session with Chris because they had been part of a programme to promote Webex and its benefits for remote learning while schools were closed during the global health crisis.

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