Faith Evans' Appalling Performance at DMX's Funeral Service Sparks Twitter Backlash

Social media users are left impressed by the 'All Night Long' singer's off-key performance and appearance during the virtual event, while others are concerned for her.

AceShowbiz - Faith Evans' attempt to honor DMX at his "Homegoing Celebration" has earned negative responses from viewers and fans alike. The R&B veteran, who opened her set with a story of how "I Miss You", her collaboration with the late rapper from 2001's "The Great Depression", came together, left social media users appalled with her off-key performance and dull appearance during the virtual event on Sunday, April 25.

Those critics took to Twitter to sound off their disappointment, with one writing, "Faith Evans and em could've just sent some flowers to the fune instead of singing dry faced, shoeless and off key tearing up everybody's songs in this damn video..."

"I'm just going to assume that Faith Evans didn't know she was performing virtually at DMX's funeral today. The hair,the vocals, white socks, water bottles all over the floor,etc," another tweeted. A third one remarked, "Faith Evans she's flying HIGH right now!!"

For some others, Evans' lackluster performance seemed to raise a flag. "Watching Faith Evans looking and sounding as bad as she did...praying for her because.....," one person reacted after watching the memorial service. Another similarly expressed concern as imploring, "So, for those of y'all that know Faith Evans personally and have her contact information, please reach out and just check in! That's all I'm gonna say...."

Her lackluster performance aside, Evans vividly described her memory of DMX. "I remember the first time I met Earl, he came to my hotel room at 3 A.M.," she shared. "The front desk called me, and he took the phone from them like, 'Just tell her it's DMX!' And how could I say no to him coming upstairs? It's DMX wanting to talk to me, so it had to be important. And he came upstairs and told me that he wanted to do this song with me dedicated to his grandmother..."

The "I'll Be Missing You" hitmaker went on speaking of DMX's faith in God. She recalled, "...after he told me, we prayed together, when I went to the studio to record, we prayed together, at the video shoot, we prayed together, and every time I saw him thereafter, we prayed together. There's a video going around of him praying on the Bad Boy tour. That day, it was my turn to pray, I walked out of my dressing room and saw X, and he said, 'Faith, you're an angel in my life! ... Cause we always pray together!' "

DMX's life was previously celebrated at a special memorial at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Nas, Eve and Swizz Beatz were among celebrities who paid their final respect to the late hip-hop icon at the Celebration of Life event, which took place on Saturday.

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