Gal Gadot to Shine Light on Real-Life Wonder Women in New Docu-Series

The 'Wonder Woman' actress is set to front a National Geographic project, teaming up with her own husband to shine a light on six inspirational women around the world.

AceShowbiz - "Wonder Woman" star Gal Gadot is using her fame to highlight real-life heroes in a new project for National Geographic.

The Israeli actress, who announced on Thursday (22Apr21) she's expecting her third daughter, has partnered with her husband, Yaron Varsano, to produce a six-part docuseries, "National Geographic Presents: Impact with Gal Gadot", in which she tells the "special stories" of six females around the world working to better their communities.

"(In) every episode we're going to show a different real-life hero," Gal said during an appearance on "Live with Kelly and Ryan".

The former beauty queen, who became a global superstar following the huge success of 2017's "Wonder Woman", has been looking to find a way to channel her fame for good, and she's convinced "Impact" is just the ticket.

"After the success of Wonder Woman and fame and all of that, I just wanted to do something good and use the broad reach that I have to people through social media," she revealed.

The couple came up with the idea for the series after catching a short film shot by pal Ryan Pallota about a 20 year old who lives in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

"She used to be a ballerina," Gal shared. "She had to stay in the favelas (slums) to help her mother and she basically created an amazing outlet for the girls in one of the most dangerous parts of Rio... She opened a dance school and the thing about living in the favelas is so many kids don't have access to go to school or to do much with their lives... And basically she broke this cycle for over 250 girls, who are (now) super empowered..."

And Gal, who will reteam with "Wonder Woman" director Patty Jenkins for a third outing as Diana Prince following last year's hit sequel, "Wonder Woman 1984", is convinced the six stirring and empowering tales are airing at just the right time.

"We're living in a world where there's so much hate and division and negativity," she added. "I just wanted to bring light and positivity and goodness."

"National Geographic Presents: Impact with Gal Gadot" debuts on 26 April.

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