Rich the Kid Slams Cops as He's Fined for Littering After Throwing Cash During Car Ride

The 'Plug Walk' rapper calls out Los Angeles law enforcement for ticketing him after he threw dollar bills to fans out of his car window during a drive in California.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Rich the Kid is facing a fine for littering in Los Angeles after throwing wads of cash to fans out of his car window during a drive in Beverly Hills, California.

The "Plug Walk" star decided to share his wealth with lucky passers-by outside Louis Vuitton as he was driven down Rodeo Drive in his luxury Rolls-Royce Phantom on Thursday (22Apr21), but police took note of the unexpected dollar bill giveaway and followed the car on two motorcycles.

According to TMZ, Rich was subsequently ticketed for the sudden show of generosity, with cops penalising him for littering, which could cost him anywhere between $250 (£180) to $1,000 (£720).

The rapper's cash handout was all to promote his new single, "Richard Mille Patek", which dropped on Friday, and he later took to his Instagram Story timeline to express his surprise at the citation.

"Police pulled me over, gave me a ticket on Rodeo," he told followers. "Guess what the charge was? Littering! Littering money, really? They (fans) picked it all up!"

The offense came a little over a month after the rapper was arrested for carrying a concealed gun in an airport.

The "Girls Have Fun" rapper was taken into police custody after a loaded firearm was discovered in his carry-on luggage when he went through security at the International Los Angeles Airport.

That was not the first time for the lyricist got in trouble at an airport. Back in December 2020, he was kicked off flight for smelling like weed. Enraged, he said back then, "I'm a rich guy, so my lawyer will be contacting you."

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