Alyson Stoner Admits She's Required to Feign Rape and Kidnapping When Auditioning at Age 6

When recalling her 'harrowing' experience as a child star, the 'Camp Rock' actress divulges that she was 'obligated to complete multiple overlapping projects' when she was just 12 years old.

AceShowbiz - Alyson Stoner has detailed her "harrowing" experience as a child star. In a new personal essay, the "Camp Rock" actress admitted that she was required to feign rape and kidnapping when auditioning at the age of 6.

The 27-year-old recalled the moment in a new essay penned for PEOPLE. "As someone whose professional career initially spiked at 11 years old and whose face is now the cover of clickbait articles titled '10 Shocking Ways These Child Stars Died,' it's been a harrowing 80 years," she first wrote.

"Scene I: The Audition Room. At 6 years old, I enter a sterile white room where a stranger stands apathetically behind a camcorder on a tripod. On cue, I perform the scene. This morning, I'm being kidnapped and raped," the Disney star added. "Ending in the fetal position under a chair with my body frozen in fear, I stand up, wipe my tears and thank the stranger for the opportunity."

"I walk to the car ruminating over my performance, comparing my screams to the other kids' I heard from the waiting room," she continued. "As with many parents in this unusual situation, my mother is not versed in how to help me regulate my nervous system. I remain catatonic on the first half of the drive, until I remember we're en route to a second audition for a princess toy ad. On the spot, I manually alter my mood, personality and outfit so I can win over a new stranger with a camcorder."

In the op-ed, Emma also divulged that she was "obligated to complete multiple overlapping projects" when she was just 12 years old. She went on to recount, "Zero productions acknowledge that after their shoot, I will go to another, record an interview during my lunch break, train for multiple hours, skip dinner, and meet for a late-night rehearsal. After all, their responsibility is to deliver a product on time and in-budget, not to babysit."

"My body is medically undernourished and chronically stressed, which later will evolve into severe eating disorders, adrenal fatigue and mandatory bedrest. The onset of puberty has turned my waist and bust into the main objects of attention and inspection," Emma explained. "This will also categorize my career trajectory."

The Camille depicter in "Step Up" film series mentioned that she went to seek treatment at the age of 17. "The grief, trauma and stress overtake me like a tsunami, and I admit myself to rehab against the guidance of my team. (They continue to send me auditions while I'm on bedrest.) I'm not here for drugs or alcohol. I'm here because I'm at least 20 pounds underweight and I'm daring to believe that my health matters, even if it feels like I'm the only advocate for it," she spilled.

Having undergone such a challenging childhood, Alyson decided to establish Movement Genius, a company which aim is "to help young people improve their mental and emotional well-being." She then assured, "For the folks who click on 'Where Are They Now' articles, I am here. We are here. This is your first time reading my story, but it is our millionth time asking you to listen."

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