Yung Miami Reveals Who She's Rooting for in Possible Trina and Lil' Kim 'Verzuz' Battle

The talk about the Miami star and the Brooklyn raptress appearing on the song battle show starts after it is brought up during Trina's interview in a recent episode of 103.5 'The Beat'.

AceShowbiz - As soon as Trina talked about being down for doing "Verzuz" battle against Lil' Kim, hip-hop fans and even fellow hip-hop stars couldn't help but weigh in on the possible epic battle. Among those who were excited with the idea was Yung Miami who took to her Twitter account to share her opinion on the matter.

In the tweet, the one-half of City Girls revealed who she thought will win should Trina and Kim go head-to-head on the song battle show. In response to a fan's tweet that read, "I need this Lil Kim vs. Trina Verzuz," Yung said, "Me tooooo I love Kim to death but I gotta go with Trina."

Yung Miami thought Trina would win against Lil Kim

Yung Miami thought Trina would win against Lil Kim.

The talk about Trina and Kim appearing on "Verzuz" started after it was brought up during Trina's interview in a recent episode of 103.5 "The Beat". During her appearance, the "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" star revealed that she'd be down to go hit-to-hit in a popular song battle show against her former rival. The host name-dropped the Queen Bee and Trina immediately approved the idea.

"Kim is that b***h. Let's be very clear," so she said of the Brooklyn star. "When I came into the industry, this is who I looked at, looked up to. This is the lyrics that I recited, this is what made me know that it's okay to talk that lethal s**t."

Further gushing over her former rival, Trina continued, "Therefore, I would feel like that's equivalent because Kim is legendary, and she got mad records."

"I won't even feel like a competition because it's a family thing," she explained. "I'm probably gonna be so much more engaged in her records than anything cuz it'll go back to when I first heard her, so I'll be in my vibe, like fanned out...That's just what I would say. That's just my little opinion, but nobody reached out."

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