Masika Kalysha Shuts Down Speculations About Her Staging Video of Her and Daughter

While the video is amusing, some fans aren't impressed as they think that the 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' star coaches her 4-year-old daughter, whom she shares with Fetty Wap, to ask her about trap queen.

AceShowbiz - Masika Kalysha's latest video on Instagram sparked online chatter. The said video saw Masika's young daughter innocently asking her mom about trap queen, making the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star flustered.

"Mommy," Khari Barbie Maxwell, whom the TV personality shares with rapper Fetty Wap, asked Masika, who later responded, "Yes, princess?" The 4-year-old toddler then proceeded with her question which was, "What is a trap queen?"

Flustered by the question, Masika answered, "Ask your daddy." Fetty might have the best answer for the question since he released a song titled "Trap Queen" back in 2015 off his album "Boomin".

While the video was amusing, some fans weren't impressed as they thought that it was all staged. Masika appeared to catch wind of the speculations and decided to take to her Twitter account to set the record straight and blast haters in the process. "U gotta be a special typa musty a** miserable to be deeply bothered by a 4yr old asking her mom what somethin her daddy said means," she wrote on Thursday, March 11.

"MaSiKa MaDe HeR sAy ThAt goofy face a**. That song is 7 fking yrs old but TODAY is the day that I forced my 4yr to ask me what trap queen means for a Tiktok. how u reach that level of pitiful?" so she went on to say. "It's giving bothered & pathetic. U bums really want to hate me so bad that u mad I posted something funny my BABY innocently asked me that she didn't even know was funny. She truly wanted to know! Panini pressed. Seek help."

Despite her explanation, some fans didn't seem to buy her words. "Once you see me start recording ask me 'what's a trap Queen'....ACTION," one person wrote in an Instagram comment, still believing that Masika planned it all beforehand. "It was staged sis... just say that," another convinced fan added.

"She's triggered because it was definitely staged," someone else similarly commented. "All that explaining = GUILTY," another user penned. One person sarcastically said, "You just happened to be recording when she 'randomly' asked that lol."

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