Solange Knowles Talks About Being 'In and Out of Hospital With Depleting Health'

The 'Cranes in the Sky' singer opens up on her struggle with health issues, claiming she's 'quite literally fighting for (her) life' two years ago when she made her album 'When I Get Home'

AceShowbiz - Solange was "quite literally fighting for (her) life" while making her 2019 album "When I Get Home".

The singer sister of Beyonce told fans she'd suffered various health issues at the time although she didn't elaborate as to what conditions she'd been struggling with.

"2 year anniversary of the project that literally changed my life," she wrote on Instagram. "When I first started creating When I Get Home I was quite literally fighting for my and out of hospitals with depleting health and broken spirits asking God to send me a sign I would not only survive, but that if he let me make it out alive, I would step into the light whatever that meant. He begin speaking to me. Half the time I didn't know where it was coming from."

"I only knew I had to open the door and honour it. I didn't see naann a thing I imagined. I didn't know who I was speaking to on 'I am a witness.' When I listen back, I hear a woman who had only an inkling of what the journey entailed, but didn't have a clue of why or what the journey would look like.(sic)"

The "Cranes in the Sky" singer admitted she's still uncertain about what happened, but knows she "can't go backwards."

"This project has shown me, once you open that door, you can't go backwards," she continued. "Believe me I've tried saying 'nah I'm just playing' so many times, ha. I'm not a big fan of talking about s**t I don't know yet. I didn't do much talking during this time because of that. I'm really down for showing the process, and staying quiet when it hasn't all yet being revealed. I make work to answer questions within me, for survival."

"Sometimes I am asking myself that same question many ways. Sometimes it takes me years. I have to honor that time. This Houston ting moves slow y'all."

But Solange, who previously revealed she suffers from an autonomic nerve disorder, promised to open up about her "re-learning" and "the reckoning" at some time in the future.

She concluded, "One day, I'll tell y'all about the days I've had since I opened this door. The things I've uncovered. The life long healing I've begin. The great divine joy and love I've experienced. The stories of my past I've survived that I had stored all up in my body.... till it said.... no more."

"The re-learning. The reckoning. This album led me to all of it. Life has now become before WIGH and after WIGH. I'm so grateful for you guys allowing me the space and time. So so so grateful. Ima be celebrating all week long the coming of home (sic)."

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