Fans Slam Racist TikToker for Calling Solange 'Witch'

In a viral video, a TikToker named gettingwitchywitit shares her theory that the 'Cranes in the Sky' singer is witch after examining her home and fashion.

AceShowbiz - Solange Knowles' fans jumped to her defense after a TikTok user called the "Cranes in the Sky" singer a "witch." In a viral video, the TikToker theorized that the R&B artist was a witch after examining her home and fashion.

"To be honest. I think Beyonce and Solange are both very witchy, these things run in their family," the user, whose handle is named gettingwitchywitit, said. "But I hesitated to do a video on Beyonce because a lot of the information that I would find would be that lady accusing her of hexing her."

Further accusing Solange of being a witch, the user claimed that the sister of Beyonce Knowles posted and deleted pictures of her altar on her Instagram account. The TikToker also said that Solange paid homage to voodoo at the 2018 Met Gala by carrying a bottle of Florida water.

"Not to mention her living in New Orleans, which is tied to voodoo," she added. She additionally showed an old blog post claiming that Solange said she worships many goddesses and deities.

Fans immediately slammed the TikToker and defended Solange. "She sound like she knows NOTHING about spirituality," one person said. "Girl that's not how being a witch works. And so what if she was. Most Americans are witches and don't even know it!!! Don't believe me GO TO THE DMV FOR A NEW LICENSE‼️" another Instagram user added.

Some fans also noted that Solange was doing African spirituality. "Wtf .. even if she is Solange is unproblematic. Y'all need to get a life and educate yourselves on African spirituality!" one person said.

"she was carrying florida water because it's lyrics from her album that just dropped…a reach," a fan explained. "Let's be very clear, doing things in a spiritual nature does not equal witchcraft. And being from New Orleans don't mean you practice voodoo… and if you do THATS YOUR BUSINESS," another comment read.

Solange, meanwhile, has yet to comment on the matter.

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