John Mayer Under Fire Over His Treatment of Famous Exes Following 'Framing Britney Spears' Comments

People think the 'Your Body Is a Wonderland' singer owes an apology to his former girlfriends Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears for his past comments about them.

AceShowbiz - John Mayer's treatment of his famous exes is scrutinized following his comments on documentary "Framing Britney Spears". After expressing his sympathy to Britney Spears for the mistreatment she received amid her mental breakdown and conservatorship, people are bringing up his own apparent demeaning comments about his ex-girlfriends in the past.

The social media users were particularly irritated by the way the Grammy Award-winning artist spoke of his exes Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift. In 2010, he infamously referred to "The Dukes of Hazzard" star as "sexual napalm" in an interview with Playboy. She then responded by saying that his comment "floored and embarrassed" her.

In her 2020 memoir "Open Book", Jessica revealed that John broke up with her dozens of times, always via email. She also wrote that the rock star would bring up her exes "just to have something to be jealous about."

Taking issue with those things, one person said to John, "I mean you could start with apologizing to Jessica Simpson lol." Another pointed out his flaws, "lol...anyway, read Jessica Simpson's memoir if you want to know what this dude is like."

As for what he said of Taylor that angered fans, he suggested in 2019 that she used her song to get back at him and called it "cheap songwriting." Additionally, people were disgusted that he was 31 years old when he was dating 19-year-old Taylor."

"something that doesn't get discussed enough is that the 'careful she'll write a song about you' jokes and the 'taylor swift is crazy and boy obsessed' narrative was principally fuelled by john mayer after she (19) wrote a song detailing his (32) emotional abuse," one person noted. Another remarked, "taylor swift still isnt as old as john mayer was when he dated her while she was a teenager."

"john mayer: gave jessica simpson xanax after she said she was worried about her drinking & talked about her vagina in the same interview he said his d**k a 'white supremacist'," another one slammed him. "also john mayer: fed the 'she's crazy ex' narrative after dating teenage taylor swift when he was 32."

Some others think that John owes both Jessica and Taylor an apology. "Can we as a society yell at John Mayer to apologize to Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift like we did with Justin Timberlake?" one of them demanded. Another asked, "Did John ever apologize to Jessica and the way he spoke about women in general?"

Someone else added, "In interviews he SUCCESSFULLY ducked the Taylor age gap controversy ONLY TO TURN AROUND and release a song about her years later(2013) when he saw the media was on her ass for 'dating too many men.' "

John previously opened up about realizing his privilege as a man in the industry after watching "Framing Britney Spears". "I almost cried five times during that," he said on SiriusXM's "Andy Cohen Live". "To see the sadness in this human being, I almost, I mean the end, I mean, I was on the edge of tears five times, because if you understand what this business, slash industry, slash lifestyle does to a person. To go through this and come out the other side OK, is to have infinite grace for those who struggle with it."

He mused, "I came out OK... I have a very strong feeling that part of that is because I'm a man. And I have a very strong feeling that a lot of these things that happen to female performers is endemic to being female."

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